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Victory Victory is Our Cry
Will not be forced
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Excerpts from Ramsey Clark email

Having watched Iranians organize
and take to the streets without violence
to force the flight of a seemingly
all powerful Shah
 in the late 1970's
and the heroic people of the Philippines
 drive Marcos from power in 1986
 with their voices, bodies and votes,
 I believe
the power to prevail is in the people.

The Bush Administration is reeling from its own wrongdoing. 
The horror its war of aggression has wreaked
on the people of Iraq
must trouble the sleep of every sentient American. 
The Surge is only adding to the death and destruction. 
The tide is turning in Afghanistan
because human nature resists foreign occupation. 
Pakistan is rebelling
because human nature resists foreign-supported military dictatorship. 
Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and many others nations are resisting
 nations, like people,
were not born to be forced.