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Victory Victory is Our Cry
Criminal Intent
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" . . . YE WHITEWASHED sepulchers'


cheney's soul

Dubya's World -- humorous captioned pictures of George W. Bush -- Dubya Execution Race

WTF is an unavoidable expression

when speaking of dubya.

[and for the uninitiated stands for what the f---]

The error of their ways --
    "with malice aforethought"

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Steve Nawara is a senior political science major and writes ‘The Sensible Southpaw’ for the Daily News.

Like me, this administration was very wrong

about this war,

but unlike me, it still has not

 come to its senses.


 I realized that Iraq was the wrong enemy

 to be fighting

 at about the same time

 the reason for the war

 was unofficially switched

from “WMDs” to

“spreading democracy.”