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Rumdum(b)'s "Blank Verse"
Used Car Salesman

THE MAN is psychodelic


A property of a drug or chemical which produces hallucinations or other bizarre aberrations in mental functioning.

Synonym: hallucinogenic.

rumdum(b) and the ENFORCER
faces of mass murderers


During 2003, the Army had 80 allegations of sexual misconduct. . . 

Of the 80 Army reports, investigations into 43 have been concluded, and 33 of those have been determined to require further action, the Pentagon said.

Rumsfeld's memo was addressed to David Chiu, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness.

"I am directing that you review how the department handles treatment and care for victims of sexual assault. . .

"We are responsible for ensuring that the victims of sexual assault are properly treated, their medical and psychological needs are properly met, our policies and programs are effective, and we are prompt in dealing with all issues involved."

CNN article Military assault

rumdum(b) stopped short
of saying that
any "dicks" would be cut off.

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