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Used Car Salesman
Used Car Salesman

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Rumsfeld dismisses

 explosives row

Rumsfeld has also suggested that the problem of the missing Iraqi explosives will probably amount to no more than a tempest in a teapot.

When asked about the disappearance of the 380 tons of explosives from a military base in Iraq, Rumsfeld replied:

 "Do you remember when the museum - everyone said the museum was looted?".

. . .

 "And what's going on now is a detailed investigation . . .

Probably the same investigators as the ones investigating who looted the museum.

From the outset, the primary goal of this investigation has been the recovery of the items, the missing and stolen antiquities, and not necessarily criminal prosecution. GOD FORBID THAT ANYONE IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

 The reality is that after five months into the investigation, we still do not have a complete inventory of precisely what is missing. . . .

Bogdanos:  The circumstance was through your efforts in publicizing this, and I'd love to tell you which, you know, which one of you it was, but he didn't mention -- saw that there was an investigation, it was ongoing -- saw that I was the head of the investigation, contacted individuals -- I mean, it's easy to -- you know, through the DA's office or through the Marine Corps it's easy to get me.

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