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"We have not broken faith with GOD...


Some ten or so years ago,
 the Pan Arab Union For Peace
adopted the slogan
"Right Can and Will Triumph Over Might."
It was taken at that time from the following:

THE legitimate authority in IRAQ
"postwar Iraq will be just what Iraq is now /sans sanctions/"

I  believe in the Supreme Worth
    of the Individual
   and in his Right to Life, Liberty
   and the Pursuit of Happiness
I  believe that the Law
   was made for Man
   and not Man for the Law,
   that Government is
   the Servant of the People
   and not their Master
I  believe in the Dignity of Labor,
   whether with Head or Hand,
   that the World
   owes no Man a Living
   but that it owes every Man
   an Opportunity to make a Living
I  believe that Thrift is Essential
   to Well Ordered Living
   and that Economy
   is a Prime Requisite
   of a Sound Financial Structure,
   whether in Government,
   Business or Personal Affairs
I  believe that Truth and Justice
   are fundamental
   to an Enduring Social Order
I  believe in the Sacredness
   of a Promise,
   that a Man's Word
   should be as Good as his Bond;
   that Character
   not Wealth or Power or Position
   is of Supreme Worth
I  believe that the rendering
   of Useful Service
   is the Common Duty of Mankind
   and that only in the
   Purifying Fire of Sacrifice
   is the Dross of Selfishness
   and the Greatness
   of the Human Soul set free
I  believe in an All-wise
   and All-loving GOD,
   named by whatever Name,
   and that the Individual's
   Highest Fulfillment,
   Greatest Happiness,
   and Widest usefulness
   are to be found
   in Living in harmony
   with His Will
I  believe that Love
   is the Greatest Thing in the World;
   that it alone can overcome Hate;
   That Right Can and Will
              Triumph Over Might

John D. Rockefeller, Jr's
 ten-point personal credo
The original can be found in front of the stairs 
 leading into the Rink at Rockefeller Center.

Rockefeller was instrumental in the founding of the United Nations including providing the land that the UN now occupies.  His Spirit SHOULD BE the Guiding Light of the United Nations.  Perhaps we should consider this CREDO in that vein.